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Product Sharing Software: The Future of Marketing

Today’s consumer is almost exclusively online, perusing an over-crowded marketplace full of distraction, targeted ads, and social media messaging designed to coerce, persuade, and convince.  That’s why, despite the incredible advances made in mar-tech over the past decade, online shoppers continue to place a high level of value on one of the most foundational aspects...

How Businesses Can Drive Growth During a Downturn

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes. Companies are now faced with a dramatically new reality and new conditions to quickly adapt to.  Marketers are now living in a new reality because of the crisis, too. They are forced to really thread the needle in achieving their business and departmental goals while remaining...

How Referral Marketing Works in Education Services

Your educational project is going to either hit its mark or get lost in the web’s hustle and bustle, and tertium non datur. So as not to get left behind, you can put your efforts into running a referral marketing for your education service. Research and Markets forecasts that the revenue for e-learning will grow...

I have a referral link and I’m not afraid to use it

What is a referral link and how do I use it?  Referral links help marketers manage and improve word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. To learn about what exactly they are and how to use them, read here.  What is a referral link? A referral link is a unique URL, which participants in referral marketing campaigns use when...

What is a referral code? | Explanation and examples

What referral codes are, how they are different from referral links, and how to create and use them? Everything about referral codes in one article. Word of mouth marketing and referral codes It was simpler in the world of referral marketing. You had a great product, your customers loved it, and decided to share their...

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Talkable has customized the platform to meet the goals of our company to cross-sell existing customers into new brands and convert new-to-company customers as well. Great and trustworthy partner.
Kristi Siemsen, Associate CRM Manager
Kristi Siemsen, Associate CRM Manager
American Eagle

Back-to-School Promo Campaigns: Don’t Miss A Chance to Boost Sales

Some things never change. It may feel like summer has just started, but parents, students, and teachers are already hunting for the best back-to-school offers while marketers are looking for the best buzzwords and adjectives to promote their products. Back-to-school shopping starts a month or two before classes do. Interestingly, today’s marketers have widened their...