Referral Email Marketing Best Practices

Due to the personal nature of email, the medium works well for generating customer referrals. Talkable’s email conversion-to-purchase rate, for example, is 94.4%. Email can be a great channel for promoting, sharing, and converting your referrals.

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Back-to-School Promo Campaigns: Don’t Miss A Chance to Boost Sales

Some things never change. It may feel like summer has just started, but parents, students, and teachers are already hunting for the best back-to-school offers while marketers are looking for the best buzzwords and adjectives to promote their products.

Back-to-school shopping starts a month or two before classes do. Interestingly, today’s marketers have widened their target audience. They not only look at kids and college students, but also at parents and teachers.  

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How to Set Up a Referral Program that Works in 9 Steps

Customer referral marketing has a more personal touch than other channels and creates strong brand advocates. The statistics prove it — the average lifetime value of a referred customer is at least 16% higher than that of a non-referred customer with similar demographics and time of acquisition.

Using customer recommendations is a great marketing strategy. However, for referral marketing, in order to achieve your business results, it needs to be done properly.

Here are 9 steps on how to set up a referral program that ensures its success.

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