How to calculate referral program revenue

Setting a referral program without taking steps to analyze its outcome will be a waste of your money and effort. Both success and failure are results that can be measured.  You can also project the revenue earned by your referral program by consulting industry benchmarks, your volume numbers, and a simple formula.  Calculation of Referral...
How to Offer Referral Rewards

How to Offer Referral Rewards That Motivate Customers to Share

While referral marketing programs can be highly effective, the types of referral rewards you offer to motivate and thank your customers can significantly impact your program’s success. If the offer isn’t compelling, your customers and advocates won’t spread the word, and your program will fail. Below are the best practices to ensure the referral rewards...
Talkable-Rybbon Integration

Talkable Integration with Rybbon: 50+ Customer Reward Options

We have exciting news this wonderful day as we’re announcing our deep integration with Rybbon, a digital gift and rewards provider, to develop the superior customer experience. With Talkable and Rybbon together, you will have even more digital rewards options to integrate into your referral marketing program. 
Referral Email Marketing Best Practices from Talkable

Referral Email Marketing Best Practices

Due to the personal nature of email, the medium works well for generating customer referrals. Talkable’s email conversion-to-purchase rate, for example, is 94.4%. Email can be a great channel for promoting, sharing, and converting your referrals. We’ll share our time-proven email marketing best practices.

Back-to-School Promo Campaigns: Don’t Miss A Chance to Boost Sales

Some things never change. It may feel like summer has just started, but parents, students, and teachers are already hunting for the best back-to-school offers while marketers are looking for the best buzzwords and adjectives to promote their products. Back-to-school shopping starts a month or two before classes do. Interestingly, today’s marketers have widened their...
4 Tips & Tricks for Your Mobile Referral Program

4 Tips & Tricks for Your Mobile Referral Program

Mobile technology has changed the way marketers think about web traffic. With mobile devices quickly becoming the largest website traffic source, referral marketers need to have high-performing mobile websites and mobile applications.

Preventing Referral Program Fraud: Actionable Tips and Trusted Methods

Referral marketing provides a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into their existing community to gain new customers. However, one thing to be aware of is referral program fraud. There will always be a small percentage of people gaming the system as there is with any discount, affiliate, or other marketing programs. The report of...

How to Set Up a Referral Program that Works in 9 Steps

Customer referral marketing has a more personal touch than other channels and creates strong brand advocates. The statistics prove it — the average lifetime value of a referred customer is at least 16% higher than that of a non-referred customer with similar demographics and time of acquisition. Using customer recommendations is a great marketing strategy....