Referral Marketing Made Easy

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Take Reporting to the Next Level

Start tracking against your program goal immediately. Leverage our robust reporting suite to pinpoint exactly what's working and what's not.

Your business objective impacts how you design your offer and call to action for your referral campaigns.

Every data element is collected, so if the dashboard doesn't suffice, you can build your own personalized reports.

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Understanding Our Campaign Approach

Working within the objective you've defined, your referral program should utilize several different campaign strategies.

We advise our customers to initially implement Post Purchase and Invite campaign types. You can add more as you scale-up your program.

A Post Purchase campaign delights new customers with the referral offer upon purchase confirmation. An Invite campaign allows visitors to access the offer site-wide, incentivizing future or repeat purchase behavior.

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Hassle-Free Campaign Scheduling

Just like your marketing promotional calendar, campaigns are run with a start and end date. Whether for Valentine's Day or Summertime Savings, scheduling is a breeze on our platform.

Use the Campaign Scheduler to determine the day and time you want your new campaign to launch, then get a bird's-eye view into the current status of all campaigns.

Want to keep a campaign running all the time without a determining an end date? We call this evergreen, or "always on". This scheduling option is also available to you.

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Start with a Template or Design From Scratch

Campaigns contain several screen components that your advocates and their friends engage with during the referral experience.

We've built some awesome templates to help you launch your referral program as quickly as possible.

You always have ultimate control over the look and feel of your referral program. When you're ready, customize your brand experience to your heart's content.

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Real-Time Template Editor

Want complete flexibility in your design? Everything you would find in a modern website building application — HTML, CSS and JavaScript — is available in our Real-Time Template Editor.

Begin with a standard template, then iterate until you have created a beautiful and responsive design that matches your brand standards.

In Preview Mode, visualize how your design will render on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Optimize Conversion Through A/B Testing

Every marketer wants confidence in their approach. Imagine being able to measure the impact of two different experiences. This is possible though A/B testing.

Begin your initial experimentation to compare text and designs. Which messaging resonates best with your audience?

After confirming your hypothesis using report analytics, raise the stakes by comparing share methods and different offer types. You read that right, compare offer types!

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Bullet-Proof Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent activity can destroy your program results by attributing unauthorized and artificial transactions as genuine.

Our platform deters fraudulent behavior by preventing suspected violators from ever seeing the referral offer. You can toggle the degree of tolerance as you see fit.

We provide customers with transactional-level details on why fraud was suspected. Beware of referral platforms that don't explicitly show you how questionable transactions are identified.

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Customer Service Portal

When a consumer has questions about their referral transaction, who fields these inbound requests? Usually it's the marketer… but not with Talkable!

We are the first referral platform to offer a login for your internal or outsourced customer service team. They'll be able to quickly query referral transactions.

After pulling up the transaction details, action can be taken to override the algorithm or reject the suspicious transaction.