What is Referral Marketing?

59% of people consult friends and family for personal advice in making purchase decisions

Long before social networks like Facebook kept you in the virtual loop, your physical network was having an impact on what you bought and where you bought it from. In fact, referral is the most powerful force in driving new business — and in helping customers decide what to purchase.

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Why Should You Read this Handbook?

We will help you answer key questions like:

  1. What is referral marketing?
  2. Why is referral marketing so effective? (Hint: It's science!)
  3. How do I determine how much to pay out as a referral bonus?
  4. What are the key elements of a successful referral marketing strategy, and how do I get started?

Even if you're already receiving a steady stream of referrals, improving your referral conversion rate by 5 or 10% could dramatically impact your bottom line.

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    Data-driven. We performed extensive research to have confidence in our approach.

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    Step-by-step. After we explore the referral channel we help you build your program.

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    Not just words. Forget stock images, we made illustrations to communicate the story.

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    Insightful. Highlighting influential thought leaders that inspire us to challenge the status quo.

What's in the Handbook?

Learn how we translate from science to purchase:

  1. Referral as a Marketing Channel
  2. The Science Behind Our Decisions
  3. Leveraging Science: How to Formulate & Execute a Referral Marketing Program

Learn how can your business can harness the power of referral, capture more customers, and build a scalable, sophisticated marketing program to drive more sales.

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    We're characters. Our Talkable Customer Success team provide tips and tricks along the way.

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    Interactive. Every link in our digital download version is clickable including citations.

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    Take action. Page 26 has a worksheet to help you plan your referral program from scratch.

Why Did Talkable Write This?

84% of people trust product and brand recommendations from people they know

We strongly believe that all e-businesses should invest in building a referral program. Before doing so, it's crucial to understand why referral is so effective as a marketing channel.

After understanding referral basics, we'll walk you through the science behind how people make decisions by influencing and persuading each other. Then, we'll get more prescriptive by showing you how to leverage this psychology by building your referral program from scratch.

Along the way, you'll learn tips, tricks and best practices, shared by our Customer Success team. Driving success for our clients involves more than just software. Our customers enjoy strategizing and learning from our team of well-informed, data-driven and client-centric customer success managers.

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