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Boost eCommerce sales with referral marketing

Our solution is perfect for eCommerce businesses with 50K+ monthly website views

With Talkable you can build, track, test and analyze all your customized referral marketing campaigns to gain customers and grow sales. Talkable offers all the tools you need to maximize the impact of referrals with a built-in A/B testing suite, segmentation of offers, controls for fraudulent behavior, and much more.

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Take Your Referral Marketing to the Next Level

Talkable is changing the way ecommerce companies acquire and retain customers, through one of the most powerful marketing tools: referrals.

Build Build customizable Refer-a-Friend programs.

Track Track every purchase and customer share to reward advocates and friends.

Test Test your offers so you can maximize referral program performance.

Analyze Analyze every step of the funnel; from shares to clicks to purchases.

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Take Reporting to the Next Level

Reporting tools assess channel activity and user behavior. Talkable analysts then provide feedback on performance to amplify sales and ensure ROI.

Hassle-Free Campaign Scheduling

Use the Campaign Scheduler to determine the day and time you want your new campaign to launch, then get a bird's-eye view into the current status of all campaigns.

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Use Templates or Design from Scratch

You know your customers better than anyone. Use customizable templates and our real-time editor to have complete control over your campaigns.

Optimize Conversion Through A/B Testing

Use real-time data to run tests on offer structure, copy, design and campaign rules. The platform will help you choose a winner based on multiple criteria.

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Customer Service Portal

This separate login provides agents with full visibility into the status of referral-based transactions.

User Segmentation

Track user behavior and tailor campaigns to user actions. Unique segmentation allows for optimized engagement.

Bullet-Proof Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention technology verifies customer identity through multiple methods.

We couldn’t imagine a better partner in helping us be successful.

Fraud is so rampant in the referral space and we take solace knowing that Talkable is the authority on preventing it from happening. When we see a report that shows stellar results, we know it’s true!


See how Talkable can transform your referral marketing

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, or drive email newsletter signups, Talkable can help.

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