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Growth Solutions for Fashion Brands

Attract and reward customers in the fashion and apparel industries with customized referral marketing and loyalty programs that convert and never go out of style.

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Talkable Team are ALWAYS there to make it work, provide valuable feedback on driving incremental value to both our customers and our organization and simply a pleasure to get to collaborate with.

Kerim Agalar - Director, Retention
Kerim Agalar – Director, Retention

As fashion & apparel industries see a steady rise in online transactions and the average amount of money spent online, innovative brands prioritize attracting and rewarding customers.

personalize referral program through segmentation

Personalize through Segmentation

  • Target different customer audiences based on select attributes such as geo-location, product SKU, and behavioral insights.
  • Trends have shown that higher LTV shoppers lead to more frequent referrals and more revenue from referred customers.
online and in-store loyalty program

Online AND In-Store

  • Omnichannel campaigns have been a primary focus for brands working to retain new online shoppers whilst creating engaging in-store experiences.
  • The ability to redeem online + in-store seamlessly allows your shopper to redeem wherever they are shopping, increasing program participation and overall revenue.
loyalty program sweepstakes for shoppers

Sweepstakes For Shoppers

  • Sweepstakes are a powerful way to break the viral threshold. Make sure the grand prize is highly-shareable. A year’s worth of product? A shopping spree in-store or online?
  • Use sweepstakes to build your email and SMS opt-ins while also promoting across existing subscribers to increase engagement and to reengage lapsed customers.
giving and social good referral program

Giving & Social Good

  • In addition to offering discounts for referrals, brands can commit to donating products or a dollar amount to organizations in need. A feel good campaign for both the brand and the shopper.
  • Give your loyalty program members the option to donate their loyalty points to a meaningful cause or charity.
returns made easy with loyalty program

Returns Made Easy

  • Seamless tracking of returns allows your brand to ensure only customers who keep their orders are rewarded.
  • The Customer Service Portal is a way to easily track and re-issue referral rewards as well as blocklist self referrers or program abusers.
highlight product or product category referral marketing

Highlight a Product or Product Category

Trying to promote new seasonal products or categories? Trying to move last season’s inventory? Add a “share” or “drop a hint” button directly on the product or category page to encourage engagement.

Build your fashion or apparel brand’s referral program with the help of our strategists.

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Our referral marketing experts will act as an extension of your team and create, test, and optimize each campaign to ensure high-performance.