Pricing plans

Self-serve plan

For small businesses looking to grow with an easy-to-use referral marketing program, our self-service option allows you to run your own campaigns with full access to our simple but powerful editor

  • Multiple campaign templates and on-site placement options
  • A/B testing suite
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Fraud protection settings
  • Assisted technical onboarding and training
  • Ongoing email support
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Managed plan

Our most popular plan and perfect for businesses looking to partner with a team of experts to continuously optimize and scale their referral program for maximum impact and results

  • Advanced campaign templates and on-site placement options
  • Management of A/B testing strategy
  • Powerful reporting suite and custom reports
  • Customized audience targeting and segmentation
  • Leading fraud protection algorithm
  • Personalized referral experience
  • Dedicated customer success team
  • Strategy sessions and ongoing optimization recommendations with in house experts
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We will manage your success

Enterprise plan

Our enterprise solution is ideal for those requiring a highly customized referral experience, advanced technical capacity and a close ongoing partnership with a dedicated team of experts

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Talkable for Shopify. Free.

Talkable is perfect for e-Commerce brands with $4M+ in annual revenue. Just launched or beginning to scale? Our brand new free Shopify app may be for you.

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Talkable is your trusted partner

Grow your brand with Talkable

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, or drive new subscriptions, Talkable referral program software can help.

Talk to an Expert
Ian J. Ecommerce Manager
“From start to finish, the process was very simple to implement. It’s honestly one of the only products I’ve ever encountered where I’ve been told it’s only a couple of hours to implement, and it was actually only a couple of hours.”
Neta D. COO
“Talkable has been a great part of our growth. Nothing speaks better than a friend’s recommendation. Great product, great team, highly recommended.”
Andrew S. Senior Growth Associate
“Great fraud detection, simple reporting tools that make it very easy for us to extract data from Talkable. Keeps great track of all associated metrics and is very user friendly.”
Ben J. Web Manager
“Pros: Support from their team, whether it be setting up new campaigns, helping with development or coming to the table with new ideas. Easy integration with Shopify and our other processes.”
Ian S. Marketing Manager
“Super easy A/B testing functionality for everything! Tons of data and every report type you could ever want. An easy to use interface, all the data you need is right at your fingertips.”